February 23rd and 24th, 2011

2011 COMSEC Users Conference

Location: Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX

Conference Dates: February 23rd and 24th, 2011


Electronic Systems Center, Cryptologic Systems Division, Communications Security Product Branch will proudly host the 1st Annual COMSEC Users Conference and Workshop. We are excited to kick this year off with the theme “The Present and Future of COMSEC”. This event is set to convene at the Gateway Club on Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas, February 23-24, 2011. We have created an agenda worthy of your attendance.

COMSEC is securing the communications around the clock, around the world. It is a large enterprise comprised of several smaller enterprises that all interact to provide Communications Security. COMSEC is the keystone and foundation of our nation’s security. CPSD encourages attendance for those looking for common solutions for COMSEC’s current and future requirements. If you are a COMSEC user, maintainer, custodian, or play any part in the COMSEC world, this workshop is for you.

We have invited enthusiastic speakers to cover COMSEC Policy, VINSON/Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal (ANDVT) Cryptographic Modernization (VACM), COMSEC Visibility, Positive Inventory Control Fusion, Hardware, Supply Chain Risk Management, Future of Key, Embedded Controlled Cryptographic Items (CCI) and legacy equipment, and other topics for all members of the Air Force COMSEC community. Presenters from National Security Agency (NSA), Electronic Systems Center (ESC), and local program managers will brief on the importance of Crypto Modernization, CCI accountability and the driving forces that are changing the COMSEC world.

Don’t miss out on two full days of motivating COMSEC information. This is an excellent way to stay informed, network, train on Simple Key Loader (SKL), and earn Continuous Learning Points (CLPs). This conference is like no other; register for this exciting opportunity to secure your place for this “sure to be popular” event. See you in February 2011.

The COMSEC User’s Conference & Workshop will focus on the following topics.

  • COMSEC Visibility
  • Positive Inventory Control Fusion
  • COMSEC Policy
  • COMSEC Accountability
  • Future of COMSEC
  • Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)
  • Crypto Modernization
  • Communication Security
  • VINSON/ANDVT Crypto Modernization (VACM)
  • Legacy and Embedded COMSEC products
  • Simple Key Loading Training

March 8-9th, 2011

2011 Controlling Authority COMSEC & EKMS Conference

Location: Honolulu, HI

Conference Dates: March 8th-9th, 2011


PACOM believes that CONAUTH/CMS/EKMS Managers/Users need to meet on a yearly basis to facilitate the EKMS PHASE Conversion, Key Management Infrastructure and Cryptographic Modernization. Only by understanding the context and content of NSA’s electronic keying concept can we facilitate our role as a viable resource for supporting the WARFIGHTER with CONAUTH/COMSEC/EKMS requirements.

This conference will help managers/users understand the whole, and parts of each level of TIER. Our objective is for you to understand the impact of our rapid and changing electronic key management system.

CONAUTH/COMSEC/EKMS plays a critical role in support of the warfighter’s communications connectivity in the forward and rear echelons. We need EKMS Managers that manage, operate and maintain KEYMAT to understand how they interact and ultimately support the warfighter.

No single account of COMSEC/EKMS connectivity stands alone. Each account has an important function and we cannot address them all. I would like this conference to focus on the timely replenishment of COMSEC/EKMS, which is critical for the USPACOM warfighter. In addition, we should focus on the implementation of TIER-l current and future capabilities in supporting the WARFIGHTER at the right time and right place.

CONAUTH/EKMS/COMSEC is going to provide a critical resource for USPACOM warfighters. There is a lot of work required of us to ensure a viable and operational electronic key management system for our warfighter. I would like you to put a special emphasis in this area.

Our Allied forces also play an important role in a successful joint interoperability operation exercise. They will be presenting their EKMS/COMSEC system concepts and supporting the joint interoperability operations.

Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) and Cryptographic Modernization are currently moving to replace legacy equipment in the USPACOM AOR. The service components have the lead on mapping and replacing legacy equipment in conjunction with NSA guidance. Each account is scheduled for upgrade on your current inventory. Some accounts will be upgraded beyond the schedule date due to availability of new equipment.

Use the presentations from this conference, and the infrastructure demonstrations as a tool to enhance your skill and knowledge to improve the management of your account. This conference is also a unique, once a year, opportunity to increase your networking beyond your local community.

March 7-10th, 2011

Information Assurance Symposium

Location: Gaylord Opryland Nashville

2800 Opryland Drive Nashville, TN 38214 Conference Dates: March 8th-9th, 2011

Conference capacity reached. Waitlist positions available.

The IAS is an annual forum, hosted jointly by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). This year, the United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) joined NSA and DISA to ensure another successful event. Leaders and practitioners will deliver vital and relevant answers, direction, and best practice advice for carrying out the information assurance mission. The IAS brings policy, governance, technology, hands-on training and networking opportunities to attendees from across government, industry, and academia.

Sophisticated adversaries use the cyber domain to target the Nation's mission-critical networks on which America's military strength and economic well-being depend. Our national security systems must be robust, interoperable, and secure. They must securely share information across dynamic mission environments. We need a massively networked infrastructure to prevent and detect cyber attacks on national security systems and to improve mission success of our warfighters. During IAS2011, IA professionals collaborate to ensure our networks are up to the task. Track sessions will focus on the many issues faced by the IA community as we work toward Assuring Operations in Cyberspace.

Conference Schedule and Agenda : (Subject to Change)

  • Monday, 7 March 2011 1600-1800 Early Bird Sessions
  • Tuesday, 8 March 2011 0800-1700
  • Wednesday, 9 March 2011 0800-1700
  • Thursday, 10 March 2011 0800-1700

Note about refreshments: The hosting agencies are not able to provide complimentary food and beverages during breaks.

Registration for the conference closes March 1, 2011, or as soon as capacity is reached. There is NO on-site registration at this event. If you are on the waitlist, you are NOT registered. Only registered individuals will be admitted. Please bring a copy of your registration confirmation number to the event to expedite your check-in process.

Note: This event is open to US Government, US Government sponsored contractors, 2nd Party Government, and 2nd Party sponsored participants.

June 8–9th, 2011

General Dynamics 2011 Information Assurance User Conference & Training

Location: Paris Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Conference Dates: June 8-9th, 2011

Registration has opened for this event


Conference Fee: Free

Please join us at the 14th annual General Dynamics User Conference and Training event, a technical forum for attendees to learn more about IA technologies, standards, products and system solutions. The conference is ideal for network engineers, support staff, administrators, COMSEC custodians, procurement, policy plan and program managers, equipment trainers and users of both Type 1 and non-Type 1 network encryption and telephony equipment.

This two-day conference includes:

  • Insight from distinguished guest speakers
  • Technical tracks and working group sessions
  • Product training (Certificates of Attendance provided)
  • Hands-on interactive demonstrations in our solution center
  • Opportunities to provide feedback and requirements to product design teams

Click on the following link to visit the NSA IAD's events website https://www.iad.gov/events/#