The FASTLANEŽ ATM/SONET Encryptor provides high-speed, end-to-end, low-latency security for local and wide area ATM and SONET networks. The addition of SONET/SDH path level encryption to FASTLANE provides the additional security of link encryption.


  • Autorecovery
  • Field Software Upgrades (eliminates delays and downtime)
  • ATM and SONET/SDH Capabilities in one Device
  • ATM/SONET Device (OC-3c, OC-12c, OC-48c)
  • ATM-only Device (OC-192c)
  • Encrypts multiple levels of security
  • Supports single user or multi-user computer-based group
  • High Speed Performance
  • Up to 10 Gb/s for ATM
  • Up to 2.5 Gb/s for SONET/SDH
  • Uses public networks, eliminating cost for leased lines and provisioning of redundant paths


  • Over-the-Network Key (OTNK) distribution and rekeying (ATM only)
  • Enhanced FIREFLY (key generation)
  • NSA Notification on Enhanced FIREFLY Distribution


FASTLANE incorporates the multi-rate interface card that allows users to select ATM or SONET/SDH encryption at STS-3/STM-1, STS-12/STM-4 or STS-48/STM-16 rates without changing the line cards.


FASTLANE incorporates recognized standards and is interoperable with GD's NSA-Certified encryptor, the TACLANEŽ-Classic (KG-175), while in ATM mode. FASTLANE can also be managed by GEM encryptor management software while in ATM mode.


The FASTLANE is NSA certified Top Secret Codeword and below.

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Fastlane Specifications