STE Remote Controllable Secure Voice/Data Terminal

The STE -R family of products support secure voice conferencing, gateway access to secure enclaves, and remote access dial up data in the secure data mode. The STE -R family of products provides complete compatibility with STU-IIIs, STEs and any SCIP enabled device. The STE -R provides both ISDN and analog network connectivity. The STE-RT is a Tactical STE-R that adds a fourwire Tactical (MSE) connection in addition to ISDN and PSTN connectivity. The CEU Model is certified by DISA as a DRSN interface.


  • STE-R
  • STE-RT (Tactical)
  • STE-RI (ISDN only)
  • CEU (Channel Encryption Unit)

Link to STE-R data sheet

Link to L-3 STE-R website