Thrane and Thrane make several INMARSAT terminals that support crypto products. For the past ten years Thrane's Mini-M terminal supported STU-III terminals, and STE terminals. Then with the M4 terminals arrived with 64K data and ISDN support a new realm of cryptos could be used to take advantage of the new 64Kbps data service. STEs and KIV-7s were widely used with M4 terminals. In 2007 INMARSAT has launched a new service know as BGAN. BGAN is IP based, but some terminals for BGAN still support 3.1Khz audio, ISDN, and Serial data connections. So, STEs and other secure telephony products can still be used with these new BGAN terminals. It is also important to note that the L-3 Talon card seems to have become the predominate crypto solution for use with these new terminals. One can only assume that it is due to its seriously small form factor, not to mention that it can support both SCIP and HAIPE protocols for a vast array of secure voice and data applications.

Thrane and Thrane makes the following terminals. Click on their links to learn more about the terminals and their individual capabilities, including legacy crypto terminal support.