ViaSat KG-201 Inline Media Encryptor
KG-201 Type 1 Inline Media Encryptor for Protecting Data at Rest

Applications: Hard drive encryption for protecting Classified hard drives at Top Secret and Below

Form Factor: KG-201 houses any 2.5" ATA-6 hard drive and connects via USB

Technologies: Type 1

Protect Classified Data. Forget the Logistics.
No Safe, No Courier Service, No Hassle.

Ensure the protection of your classified and sensitive unclassified data and avoid logistical and transportation hassles by securing your computer's hard drive with an Inline Media Encryptor (IME) from ViaSat. Part of ViaSat's growing family of Information Assurance products, the KG-200 and KG-201 IMEs are the first Type 1 hard drive encryption devices that protect classified data at rest (DAR) at Top Secret (TS/SCI) and below, eliminating the need to courier your classified hard drive when transporting or locking it in a safe when not in use. Simply remove the IME's Crypto-Ignition Key (CIK) to quickly and easily secure your hard drive with data encrypted.

KG-201: Portable for On-the-Go Use: For users on the go, the KG-201 fits in the palm of your hand, connects via USB, and protects classified data at rest (DAR) on laptops, notebooks, and other mobile computers. Variations in functionality, ruggedness, and form factor can be customized to suit your specific requirements.

Click this link for the KG-201 Data sheet KG-201_IME_datasheet_008.pdf Δ

Click this link for the White Paper: Protecting Classified Data ied_data-at-rest_ViaSat_IMEs_white_paper_006.pdf Δ