KG-201 on left and KG-200 on right

KG-200 At-A-Glance

• Continuous encryption and decryption is transparent to the user

• Allows up to ten different users

• NSA-certified GOTS Type 1 encryption

• Protects data at rest classified at TS/SCI and below

• All hard drive physical sectors, used and unused, are encrypted

• Requires a CIK (“something you have”) and PIN (“something you know”) for access

• Provides Emergency Data Destruction without losing data

• Meets Crypto Modernization Initiative (CMI) standards

• Conforms to the NSA's Key Management Infrastructure (KMI)

• CIK renders device unclassified when removed

• Instantaneous key zeroization

• Self-generating storage key; no key distribution required

• Recovery CIK stored off-site for reconstitution of data Hardware- and Software-Independent

• Works with any ATA-6 hard drive

• Compatible with all standard operating systems including Microsoft® Windows® XP/2000, Linux®, and Apple® Mac OS® X.

• Fits into a standard 5.25" drive bay

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