The RAILMAN is a low-speed full/half-duplex embeddable standard communication security (COMSEC) module used to secure digital voice or low speed data traffic. It consists of a custom CMOS Large Scale Integrated Circuit (LSIC) in a 121-Pin Grid Array (PGA) package supported by an off-the-shelf SOS RAM. The module provides security for classified traffic up to 500 Kbps.

The RAILMAN is approved for processing classified information through TOP SECRET level. It is an UNCLASSIFIED controlled cryptographic item (CCI) when unkeyed. When keyed, it carries the same classification as the key that is loaded. The RAILMAN was designed to be embedded into various voice/data equipments, such as mobile telephones, modems or manpack radios. RAILMAN provides cryptographically interoperable traffic/rekey operation with KY-57/58, E-DRZ, KYV-2, KYV-5, KG-84, KIV-14, KY-99A, KY-100, WINDSTER, and STU-III. The RAILMAN is presently being embedded into the SINCGARS II radio, AIRTERM/MINTERM radio and the Unit Level Circuit Switch (ULCS).


National Security Agency (NSA) has determined that this product does not process, store or utilize a date in its operations. Therefore, the year 2000 problem does not affect this product; NSA memo of 12 Jun 98 applies. Equipment Height (in) Width (in) Depth (in) Weight (lb) Data Rate Custom LSI 1.3 1.3 0.25 N/A 0-500 Kbps RAM 3.0 0.9 0.25 N/A 0-500 Kbps