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The TSEC/KY-68 is a ruggedized? telephone terminal with a built-in encryption?/decryption? module for secure traffic, designed for use in the field. It is a full-duplex? voice and data interface terminal that converts voice to digital form, encrypts it and transmits at 16 or 32 s?.

The KY-68 can operate via civilian and military switches?. Although used primarily for secure communications, the KY-68 can operate with a Digital Non-secure Voice Terminal - a DNVT as its partner. The local switch provides the KY-68 user with a warning tone when communicating with a nonsecure terminal; however, the tone stops as soon as the DNVT user picks up the handset. For data communications, the KY-68 is equipped with a data port for encryption with various data devices.

The key? is inserted into the KY-68 using a KYK-13? keying? device.

An office version, the KY-78, has the same interior electronics as the KY-68, but has an exterior casing composed of lighter materials. In other respects, it is identical.

The KY-68 and KY-78 are approved at the level, and despite the KY-78 being compromised? in the early 1990's, both versions remain in use.{{Fact|date=December 2007}}

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