The NSA-certified Sierra™ module is an embeddable encryption technology that combines the advantages of the government’s high-grade security (Type 1) with the cost efficiency of a reprogrammable, commercially produced, Type 3 and Type 4 encryption module.

Sierra can take on multiple encryption personalities depending on the mission, providing encryption/decryption functionality, digital voice processing (vocoding), and cryptographic key management support functions.

Sierra’s software programmability provides a low-cost migration path for future upgrades to embedded communications equipment without the logistics and cost burden normally associated with upgrading hardware. The module provides the user the capability to remove the Type 1 functionality, allowing the device to be downgraded from a CCI device to an unclassified device.

Sierra’s small size, low power, and high data rates make it an ideal choice for battery-sensitive applications. It is ideally suited for military radios, APCO Project 25 radios, wireless LANs, remote sensors, guided munitions, UAVs, and other equipment requiring a low-power, programmable solution.

Sierra is available today as a complete compact module or as discrete parts for custom applications. Sierra has been fully NSA certified and successfully embedded in multiple applications (Motorola XTS™ 5000 Radio, BAE Systems JTRS 2C Radio, Harris SecNet 11 Secure Wireless LAN, key management modules, etc.).