The KIV-7M fully implements all U. S. National Security Agency requirements for Type 1 certification, and is approved for use at the highest level of assurance.

The KIV-7M incorporates the latest security algorithms as determined by the Cryptographic Algorithm Configuration Management Board (CACMB). These algorithms provide interoperability in coalition environments, and algorithm agility and reprogrammability for future security enhancements.

KIV-7M is fully compliant with the NSA‘s Link Encryptor Family Interoperability Specification, and is fully compatible with previous versions of the KIV-7 family. It is also interoperable with the KG-194/A series of encryptors. Its innovative multi-channel design allows KIV-7M users to replace two legacy devices with one KIV-7M, thus recovering valuable space in fixed shelter environments and reducing weight for mobile applications. Each channel is independently configurable and able to operate in full duplex mode at 50Mbps in each direction. In addition, each channel may be configured to independent security classification levels.

The KIV-7M is upgradeable to provide network interoperability in accordance with the NSA High Assurance Internet Protocol Interoperability Specification (HAIPIS) by the addition of a SafeNet-designed network adapter card. This upgradeability and backward compatibility allows the community of users to conduct a phased migration to the Global Information Grid without losing connectivity to legacy architectures.

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