Cryptographic Modernized Link Encryption Device


Introducing the most rugged, interchangeable link encryptor in the field

The KIV-19M is an enhancement to the KIV-19A, developed to meet the requirements for Type 1 cryptographic certification. The KIV-19M is a fully ruggedized link encryption device designed to survive a host of battlefield conditions. It offers a compact and lightweight unit with technology advancements not found in most encryption equipment. The KIV-19M provides cryptographic security for all classifications of digital data traffic at rates up to 50 Mbps.

The newly modernized KIV-19M's purpose is to provide dual-channel, independently keyed link encryption/decryption supporting multiple traffic algorithms in a single unit as an integral part of the Link Encryptor Family (LEF) devices. LEF devices are part of NSA's Crypto Modernization Initiative. The predecessor to the KIV-19M, the KIV-19A, was a successful entity in the family of single channel trunk encryption devices.

The KIV-19M provides the capability to store up to five different traffic algorithms and to configure the KIV-19M by end user selection of the necessary traffic algorithm. Each of the KIV-19Ms two channels can be configured independently to process traffic. This allows using the same or different algorithm selection for each channel and each channel can be independently keyed to support any security level up to top secret.

The KIV-19M is interoperable with KIV-19/19A, KG-94/94A, KG-194/194A, KG-95-1 and KIV-7 family and the KIV-7M in certain modes.

A full range of ancillary devices are also available including rackmounts, adapters and accessories making the KIV-19M application, installation and maintenance simple and reliable.

KIV-19M Data Sheet

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