The WALBURN Family (KG-81, KG-94/194, KG-94A/194A, KG-95-1,2, and R) equipment consists of high-speed bulk encryption devices used primarily for encryption of microwave trunks, high-speed landline circuits, video teleconferencing, and T-1 satellite channels. WALBURN Family devices are certified to encrypt and decrypt up to TOP SECRET. They are UNCLASSIFIED controlled cryptographic items (CCIs) when unkeyed. These devices provide full-duplex/simplex encryption for all classification levels and are cryptographically compatible and interoperable (within their respective data rates).

KG-81: Provides full-duplex encryption of digital trunks. It is rack mounted using the HNF-81-1/2 interconnect housing frame. The KG-81 is used primarily at major communications stations for bulk data and video encryption.

KG-81 Characteristics

Power: 28 Volts DC (Vdc)
Environmental: Ground Mobile and/or Sheltered
MTBF: 10,000 hours


Contact Director COMSEC Material Systems (DCMS) in accordance with CMS 5A "The policies and Procedures for issuing accounting, handling, safeguarding, and disposing of COMSEC Communications Security Manual" artical 410 for repair/disposition instructions.

Life Cycle Documentation

  • KAO-179B
  • KAM-366A
  • KAM-367A
  • CSESD-9