The Tactical Modern KYK-13 Replacement


The Really Simple Key Loader (RASKL) is the leader in next generation key loading. RASKL is a KYK-13 replacement that implements 1-button key squirt to fill your secure communication equipments. RASKL supports modern key and has a user friendly HMI that requires no training! Features & Functions:

  • Supports 40 slots for receiving and filling of NSA Type-1 cryptographic keys
  • Receipt and transmission of key material using DS-101, 102 and RS-232 protocols
  • DS-101 support of bussed ECU key loading
  • Interface directly with Tier 2 LMD/KPs, hard copy readers (KOI-18), Tier 3 devices (SDS, SKL, CT3, Fill UAS, KYK-13, KYX-15), ACES and DMD workstations
  • Receives SINCGARS Hopsets, Lockouts, TSK from Tier 2 Workstation and loads data into radios
  • Decrypts TrKEK encrypted key (i.e. black key)
  • Support simple key fill (i.e. DS-101, DS-102, RS-232)
  • Supports complex loading operations (e.g. SINCGARS, AN/PSC-5, etc.)
  • Maintains user selected default data and preferences for simplified key loading operations
  • Stores audit trail, uploads audit data, and provides date and time functions
  • Simple menu driven HMI
  • Extended clearance on female port for direct connect to ECUs
  • Left or right handed operation
  • Custom flush mounted CIK

The user-friendly, ruggedized, hand held RASKL will have all the important features you have come to expect from DTD and SDS, in a smaller, lighter and more cost effective configuration.

Click this link for the RASKL Data sheet RASKL.pdf

Click here to visit the Sypris RASKL Website