Portable Satcom Terminals

Arm yourself with the only integrated, secure, ruggedized BGAN manpack terminal.

Applications: Portable, secure global satcom access

Form Factor: Integrated, manpack portable terminal.

Technologies: HAIPE IS, BGAN Stay connected during your missions and operations with portable high-speed internet access, wherever and whenever. ViaSat offers the world's first ruggedized secure and non-secure Inmarsat BGAN satellite communications terminals that are built to perform in the most extreme tactical conditions:

  • AN-PSC-14 - Secure terminal with integrated Type 1 encryption
  • VRT-100 - Non-secure for military forces who use a separate crypto
  • Ideal for U.S. and approved coalition warfighters who need high-speed access to the GIG
  • Also news reporters and backpack journalists, medical and peace workers, emergency responders, and anyone who wants to communicate at high speed when traveling or working in locations where local networks are poor or non-existent.

AN/PSC-14: Rugged High-speed SIPRNET to the Rucksack Bring the IP advantage to your missions with secure high-speed internet access that fits in your rucksack. The ViaSat AN/PSC-14 ruggedized manpack terminal†, for the Inmarsat Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN)*, combines HAIPE® IS communications security and broadband speed to offer a full range of secure and unsecure data and legacy voice services to the warfighter. Access maps, detailed images and other information critical to making faster, more informed decisions in the tactical environment. The AN/PSC-14 is the only ruggedized BGAN terminal with integrated Type 1 encryption. It also features the longest battery life of any BGAN terminal.

VRT-100: Fully Ruggedized, Highly Portable IP Access for Mobile Users The VRT-100 from ViaSat is the only fully ruggedized portable satellite BGAN terminal† designed for high-speed communications off the beaten path. The rugged, portable VRT-100 brings the IP advantage to your jobs in very demanding environments, delivering portable, high-speed internet access that operates with Inmarsat’s service on the new Inmarsat-4 satellite.

Inmarsat's Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) BGAN is the world's first global, mobile communications service to deliver simultaneous voice and broadband data through a single, truly portable device. Learn more about BGAN.

† Terminal currently under development.

  • Terminal not yet type approved for use over Inmarsat satellite systems.

§Pending Type 1 Approval and Certification. ‡Pending DSAWG connection approval.

Click this link for the AN/PSC-14 Rugged Secure BGAN Terminal PSC-14_BGAN.pdf Δ

Click this link for the VRT-100 Rugged BGAN Terminal vrt-100_bgan_terminal_datasheet_016.pdf Δ