The ViaSat KG-250X is Now Certified!

Ruggedized for extreme mobile mission requirements and small enough to stow in your cargo pocket, the AltaSec KG-250X from ViaSat delivers high-speed HAIPE® Type 1 IP network encryption for mobile, dismounted, tactical, and enterprise applications. The NSA-certified KG-250X packs big cryptographic power in a small form factor that goes where you go and provides secure connectivity where and when you need it. Ruggedized to MIL-STD-810 and field tamper recoverable, the KG-250X is the only fully HAIPE-compliant pocket-sized high-speed IP crypto built for mounted and dismounted tactical use. This AltaSec supports secure exchange of classified information up to the Top Secret level and the end-to-end security requirements of the GIG. Trust this AltaSec Inline Network Encryptor (INE) to create a secure gateway over untrusted networks wherever your missions take you. The KG-250X is Foreign Interoperable (FI) compliant and supports Suite A or Suite B (AES-EFF) operation. Now you can connect securely with coalition partners and other government agencies, in addition to US warfighters. The KG-250X is the first high-speed IP crypto specifically designed for tactical mounted or dismounted use. This device is compact enough to fit in the warfighter's pocket and weighs 2.8 pounds. When using the KG-250X on mobile platforms or UAVs, you have the option of controlling the encryptor using a remote interface panel connected via cable — even if the stowed crypto is not physically accessible. For secure networking in space-limited environments such as vehicles and command centers, you can take advantage of the KG-250X’s small size and low power requirements to optimize rack usage. Three KG-250X cryptos can be mounted across a 1U rack. Featuring automatic OSPF routing and tactical discovery network services, the AltaSec INE provides gateway functionality for your secure network, enabling you to eliminate unnecessary hardware and easily create seamless and scalable network connections. The device's standard interface adapter provides copper interfaces, and can be replaced for use in fiber, wireless, or other network configurations. With the KG-250X’s optional embedded xPEP TCP / IP accelerator, you can supercharge your secure satellite connection for up to six times faster performance over high-latency links.

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