Type 1 HAIPE® IP encryptor for secure networking in mobile platforms such as helicopters, cargo aircraft, and HMMWVs. The KG-250A is a Type 1 certified, HAIPE® compliant INE for use on classified U.S. government communication networks. The KG-250A features the capability of the KG-250 but is packaged in a ruggedized, dual slot VME-64 form factor and has extended environments capabilities. It is interoperable with KG-250 and all future releases of HAIPE compliant devices.

The world’s only NSA certified FI-capable Type 1 high-speed IP network encryptor in a VME 64X form factor. The AltaSec KG-250A from ViaSat® offers seamless foreign interoperability and programmable information assurance. This inline network encryptor (INE) is certified by the National Security Agency for use on classified US Government communications networks, and is available to U.S. Department of Defense customers, and authorized international and Homeland Security organizations.

The KG-250A is ready for multi-national operations, featuring Suite A and/or Suite B cryptographic algorithms, and both software source and key material source authentication and programmability. With support for multiple Communities of Interest (COIs), the KG-250A ensures that communications are controlled and restricted to members of selected COIs via Exclusion Keys. Featuring field tamper recovery and advanced technology to handle complex missions, this AltaSec can be deployed to support the end-to end security requirements of the Global Information Grid (GIG), providing the warfighter with secure information when and where it is needed.

Based on ViaSat’s PSIAM™ crypto system, the KG-250A features programmable and scalable information assurance capabilities that can evolve and adapt to ongoing changes in your network infrastructure.

This INE is designed for low cost of ownership and ease of portability. Unlike other network encryptors, the KG-250A does not require a centralized manager, making it the product of choice for one-way networks or mobile networks with partial or intermittent connectivity. However, KG-250A networks can be centrally managed, monitored, and configured by the VINE™ Manager software application, which is free to ViaSat AltaSec customers. VINE Manager’s intuitive interface allows users to remotely manage any AltaSec parameter.

By incorporating the latest networking features, this equipment brings full mesh network operation to the classified user in an intuitively managed, cost-effective package. Also, while completely appropriate in strategic applications, the KG-250A delivers the advantage of a quick setup, high throughput node on any IP-capable medium to the on-the-move tactical user.